Hi! My name is Brian Wilson. I'm a librarian, technologist, instructor, reader, news-junkie, basketball player, late '90s to early 2000s videogamer, and wanna-be adult dystopian sci-fi author. But first and foremost, I'm a librarian.

Currently, I'm working full-time as adult reference librarian / technology specialist at the Ela Area Public Library, and I work part-time at the the Lincolnwood Public Library as a reference librarian. I previously worked at the Itasca Community Library and the La Grange Public Library. Before getting my professional start, I interned at the Indian Trails Library District, and the Prospect Heights Public Library.

I studied library and information science with a focus on public libraries at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at UIUC after graduating with my bachelors in political science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

I approach fundamental topics like reference, readers advisory, collection development, cataloging, customer service, and technology with a dual focus. Both computer science and social science are important to me. I want to provide the information technology customer service that no other organization does. Understanding both computer science and social science helps me serve library patrons in our fast-changing world.

Before getting into the field of libraries, my past projects and studies focused on the politics of media and technology. I was on the board of the UIUC Political Science Club, which hosted book club-like political discussions. And I helped start up the UIUC Geographic Information Systems Group, a club that worked making an accessible digital walking map of UIUC.


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Graduate School of Library and Information Science (link)
Champaign, IL - MS in Library and Information Science - August 2013

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (link)
Urbana-Champaign, IL - BA in Political Science, Informatics Minor - December 2011

Library Jobs

Ela Area Public Library (link)
Lake Zurich, IL - Reference Librarian / Technology Specialist, Jun 2014-present
reference and virtual reference, patron and staff computer classes, collection development, notary public, exam proctoring, Cybersquad committee, Makerspace committee, 3d printing, Social Media committee

Lincolnwood Public Library (link)
Lincolnwood, IL - Adult Services Librarian, Jul 2013-present
reference, readers' advisory, one-on-one instruction, technology troubleshooting, planning group technology classes, fiction collection development, person-in-charge, opening, closing

La Grange Public Library (link)
La Grange, IL - Digital Services Librarian, Apr-Jun 2014
I enjoyed working at La Grange on: planning a new digital media lab, staff technology training, and statistics reporting, but soon after starting received a full-time offer I couldn't refuse

Itasca Community Library (link) Itasca, IL - Adult Services Librarian, Dec 2013-Jun 2014
reference, readers' advisory, one-on-one instruction, technology troubleshooting, programming, non-fiction collection development, opening, closing

UIUC Main Library (link)
Urbana, IL - Content Access Manager, Jan-May 2012
collaborative digitization project team member (digitzed back-catalog of C&RL), digital index creation, DTD compliant XML authoring, metadata editing and creation, OCLC Connexion search

Library Internships / Volunteering

Indian Trails Library District (link)
Wheeling, IL - Adult Services Intern, January-August 2013
planning, creating, and running technology classes (see portfolio), technology one-on-ones, reference, technology troubleshooting, staff training, collection development, weeding, shifting

The Urbana Free Library (link)
Urbana, IL - Tech Volunteer, Spring 2013
assisted adult services reference staff with patron technology questions, one-on-one comptuer instruction, PC reservation, scanning, printing, implemented library policies

Clark-Lindsey Village Tech Volunteers (link)
Urbana, IL - Volunteer Coordinator, 2012-2013 - Member, 2010-2013
led a group of technology instruction volunteers by; facilitating carpooling, training volunteers on digital reference interviewing, coordinating with Clark-Lindsey staff to expand the scope of our service and market to CLV residents

Prospect Heights Public Library (link)
Prospect Heights, IL - Library Intern, May-August 2012
in-person and phone reference, readers' advisory, technology instruction and troubleshooting, led digitization project, curated materials to be digitized, planned digitization process, managed and trained digitization volunteers

Other Experience

Champaign-Urbana Public Health District (link)
Champaign, IL - IT Intern, September-December 2011
technology instruction, hardware and software troubleshooting, purchasing, planned for new electronic medical records system

Standard Stationery Supply Co., (link)
Wheeling, IL - Office & Warehouse Assistant, May-Aug. summer seasons 2006-2013
on- and offline contract administration, purchase order processing, data entry, scanning, filing, UPS manifest, receiving, stocking


UIUC Informatics Club (link)
Champaign-Urbana, IL - Member 2010-2013, Officer-at-Large 2011-2013
ran public outreach sub-group, planned, organized, ran, marketed other club events

Geographic Information Systems Group (link)
Champaign-Urbana, IL - Founding Member 2010-2012
Founded club, recruited members, web development, project management for digital walking map web app

UIUC Political Science Club (link)
Champaign-Urbana, IL - member 2008-2012, Secretary 2010-11, IT Chair 2011-2012
planned, ran, and participated in book discussion-like meetings on topics in politics, took notes on board meetings, and simplified web presence from a Wordpress install to Tumblr

Wheeling High School Principals Forum (link)
Wheeling, IL - Student Representative, 2004-2008
liaison to administration, discussed, debated, solved student issues with peers and administrators


- projects large and small

Professional Projects

Ela Area Public Library logo preview imageEla Area Public Library District Projects
June 2014 - to present
I've been happy to be involved in many different projects at Ela.
Here are a few:

Computer Classes
I've enjoyed teaching a bunch of computer classes for Ela, from basics to Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS X Basics.

3D Printing examples
As part of my duties in the Forge makerspace I've designed and printed a bunch of physical example objects to help coworkers staffing the makerspace explain some 3D printing fundamentals to patrons.

These include bridging (picture, model - print without supports), supports (picture, model - print model with supports), tolerance (picture, model), maximum printable size on a LulzBot Mini (picture, model), overhang (picture, model), infill (picture, model - cut the print off before it starts the top layers), available colors (picture, model - split the model into its parts and print with the appropriate filament color). As you can see in some of the pictures, a few are damanged from heavy use.

Indian Trails Library District preview imageIndian Trails Library District Computer Programs
Summer 2013
During my internship at Indian Trails, I did a variety of computer class programming. I taught pre-existing classes, updated others, created new handouts and even designed new classes.

Computer Beginners Boot Camp
3 part series of basic classes
updated handouts to be used while instructing library patrons on basic computer skills, the Internet, and email.

Social Media Classes
taught Facebook in front of large groups, and updated LinkedIn, advanced Internet/Web 2.0, and Skype handouts to teach smaller groups.

Productivity Classes
individually taught Microsoft Word 2010 from existing handouts and team-taught Excel and PowerPoint 2010 with Jason Pinshower

Other Classes
created handouts to teach a brand new Windows 8 class and created the first handout for a pre-existing iPad class (previously taught without a handout). And I team-taught classes on job searching and resumes, and databases for everyday life with Phil Spirito. The adult services instruction librarians and I are developing a class on Craigslist (draft handout).

Grad School Projects

Gone Girl Project preview imageGone Girl Book Club Handout
Adult Popular Literature - 4.29.2013
created promotional materials for a hypothetical library book club discussion of Gillian Flynn's best seller. See the two versions I created: glossy, expensive version, unglossy, budget version

Strategic Plan preview imageStrategic Plan
Collection Development - 4.30.2013
after evaluating the Algonquin Area Public Library's current strategic plan and learning about strategic plans and collection development policies in class, I crafted my own version with a few basic objectives.

XSXKCD preview imageXSXKCD
Information Organization and Access - Spring 2012
A group of classmates and I developed a special collection of XKCD comics and made a website to present and describe it.

Truly Skywalker preview image (Yoda)Truly Skywalker? The Many Luke Skywalkers: A Derivation Study
Representing and Organizing Information Resources - 4.29.2012
After creating a DTD (example XML) to help in the organization of Star Wars novel metadata, I wrote this paper on the topic of understanding identities of fictional characters who appear in multiple forms of media.

brianjameswilson.com brand logothis website!
Creating Web Mashups - 5.10.2013
For this UIUC class taught by Jeff Ginger, I've worked on this website as a final project. However, I wanted to do this anyways since the old version was stale. Please let me know if there's anything I should fix!

Undergrad Projects

The Recreation of Time and Space: Google and Facebook
Cultural History of Technoscience - 12.03.2011
I wrote a multimedia/hypertextual essay on some of the cultural effects of the structures and assumptions of the algorithms Google and Facebook use in their services. This project was submitted to a password protected class wiki, but I've duplicated it with slight modifications here.

Taking the Field documentary preview imageTaking the Field
Writing Across Media - Spring 2010, with Dave Luetger
My friend Dave and I filmed a short documentary on a week in the life of the Marching Illini. Both of us had marched in high school, but neither of us had experience at the college level.

Other Projects

With Peace and Happiness @ STOP logo preview imageWith Peace and Happiness For All (link)
personal project, science fiction book - editing phase
I completed my first science fiction novel in the summer of 2011. As a perfectionist, I'm still not happy with it yet. There's lots of work to do to make it even better than it is now. But if you're curious what would happen when the government has (as a result of surveillance) perfected computerized entertainment as a method of control, you'll enjoy this challenging book.

get in touch with me

Brian J. Wilson | email me | (847) 347-3133

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